Doctor Rakhova R. K. uses only techniques of Eastern medicine treating activity of chronic diseases.

These include:

1. Acupuncture
2. Acupressure
3. Point massage
4. Vacuum massage
5. Magnetopuncture
6. Moxibustion

Purpose to treat every patient rather than eliminate symptoms of the disease resulted in creation of treating programs with high treating efficiency.

Treatment course for every patient includes:

1. The main treatment course:
- the individual therapy system developed on the basis of diagnosis and survey data, analysis of main and concomitant diseases, the state and complaints of the patient;
- consists of integrated procedures (10 – 15 sessions) of reflexotherapy methods.
2. Observation of the recovery period of every patient during 3 – 6 months; provides upon completion of the treatment.
3. Individual correction (in the case of necessary) – additional course, consisted of nonprocedures (3 – 5 sessions) of reflexotherapy methods.


Continuous work with patients allowed achieving the better results every year treating some refractory and rebellious diseases

High efficiency is observed in case of the following diseases:

1. Skin (weeping dermatitis, neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis, blackheads, seborrhea etc.)
2. Hair;
3. Allergic diseases;
4. Chronic inflammatory diseases;
5. Metabolic dystrophic diseases of joint and vertebral column, including the ones complicated by hernia nuclei pulposi;
6. Enuresis;
7. Decrease in immunity;
8. Chronic fatigue syndrome;

At diseases:

1. psoriasis
2. bronchial asthma
3. gynaecological diseases caused by hormone disruption
4. not listed above
recovery probability is discussed during the consultation.

Both adults and children can be treated.
Method has no side effects.
As there are some contraindications, professional medical advice is necessary.

Procedure Duration, min. Cost, rub.
1. Monoprotsedura: 30 from 2500
  1.1. Diagnostics of condition;    
  1.2. Reflexology (One of the methods);    
2. The complex procedure: 60 от 5000
  2.1. Diagnostics of condition;    
  2.2. Reflexology (at least two methods);