On the diseases

Doctor neurologist reflexologist Rakhova Rada Konstantinovna have treated patients more than 19 years using only techniques of Eastern medicine (needle therapy, acupressure, point massage) in her treating activity .

Long thorough study of numerous literature in the area of Eastern medicine, majoring, a huge practice have facilitated accumulation of the experience based on knowledge of conventional and alternative medicine.

Purpose to treat every patient rather than eliminate symptoms of the disease resulted in creation of treating programs with high treating efficiency.

For more than 19 years Rakhova Rada Konstantinovna have been a director of the Centre of Chinese Medicine in city of Tver, where treatment is performed using only reflexotherapy. Treating techniques applied includes an individual cycle of treatment for every patient. It is developed on the basis of diagnosis confirmed by the data of examination using modern techniques, thorough analysis of main and concurrent diseases, confirmed by professional doctors. After the treatment performed individually a long-term follow-up period is set for every patient to observe his/her recovery and, if necessary, to make some corrections. After the treatment is completed patient is examined again to confirm his/her recovery.

Continuous work with patients allowed achieving the better results every year treating some refractory and rebellious diseases.
High efficiency is observed in case of the following diseases:

1. Skin:

  • weeping dermatitis (except for fungal one)
  • neurodermatitis
  • atopic dermatitis
  • blackheads
  • seborrhoea

2. Hair;

3. Allergic diseases of skin, pollinosis;

4. Chronic inflammatory diseases of internals;

5. Chronic inflammatory diseases of ENT-organs;

6. Chronic inflammatory gynaecological disease;

7. Chronic cystitis;

8. Metabolic dystrophic diseases of joint and vertebral column, including the ones complicated by hernia nuclei pulposi.

9. Enuresis;

10. Decrease in immunity;

11. Chronic fatigue syndrome;

At diseases:

  • psoriasis
  • bronchial asthma
  • gynaecological diseases caused by hormone disruption
  • not listed above

recovery probability is discussed during the consultation.

Both adults and children can be treated.

Method has no side effects. As there are some contraindications, professional medical advice is necessary.