About diseases

Reflexotherapy method at allergic diseases is a treatment of choice as drug products can lead to allergic susceptibility of the body, and this happens even in case of antiallergic drug products. Due to this fact at allergic diseases reflexotherapy methods can be considered more promising, not causing allergic diseases without side effects, resulting in recovery in most cases of allergic pathology.

Treatment of allergic skin diseases by means of reflexotherapy is very efficient in case of rooted weeping dermatitis of any origin except for fungal weeping dermatitis. Possibility of treatment at fungal weeping dermatitis is considered individually after interview with doctor.

Application of reflexotherapy method at rooted weeping dermatitis of other genesis leads to gradual improvement during the cycle of treatment. Then during follow-up and correction period “light” intervals gradually increases becoming longer than relapse period and finally remission occurs. Its terms are individual. For some patients this is 2-3 months, at weeping dermatitis with nail plate affected this is 3-4 months, at concurrent neurosis complicating the state of the disease is up to 6 months. All this time patient is followed up by attending medical doctor.

A very unexpected effect is observed when treating blackheads. If there are no concurrent diseases, recovery occurs during 3-4 months, in complicated cases – after up to 6 months. At recovery skin turn over on face at cicatrical changes is rather often observed.

Reflexotherapy method is effective in therapy of such severe diseases as neurodermatitis and atopic dermatitis. Other allergic diseases are also treated.
After the treatment relevant examination, follow-up of attending medical doctor-reflexologist during several years is performed.

At the time when technical progress is developing so fast, life of a modern person in fact becomes more physically inactive, leading to severe damage of our musculoskeletal system, particularly of vertebral column, often with concurrent irreversible changes of intervertebral discs such as protrusion and hernias. Sometimes therapy with drug products ceases pain syndrome very well. Unfortunately, it often happens that only neurosurgeon scalpel can help. At a first glance a very simple method of reflexotherapy can seem to be aidless for treatment of these severe changes in body. However, this is far from being so. This method influences reflex circuit and recovers disrupted neurosensory connections of damaged tissues in body, thus aligning metabolic activity, improving “recognizing” and perception of calcium and other necessary substances by the appropriate tissues: by vertebral column bone tissue, cartilaginous tissue of intervertebral disc. Recovery of the processes by means of reflexotherapy can stop destroying processes in human body and to recover damaged tissues. In patients with dorsopathy complicated with hernia nuclei pulposi symptoms of nerve root compression (either pain, or muscular tonic, or vegetative syndromes), specific for peripheral paresis of a limb affected (tendon bone reflexes, sensitivity, muscle tone), are levelled off. Patient is examined by MRT-method before and after treatment. He/her is observed by attending medical doctor for a long time.
The results are not only words, they are confirmed by a long term of experience.

I would like to emphasize high efficiency when treating rooted inflammatory diseases. Treatment effect is high because it is based on the recovery of the body immune system, not only on “removal” of local inflammatory process, that leads to the recovery. After the treatment patient completes procedures of conditioning, follow-up at his adaptation to different climatic, stress situations, physical and mental stress.

Patients with hormonal diseases are also treated. An experience in therapy of these diseases is accumulated on a limited amount of persons suffering from various pathologies. Due to this fact decision on treatment effect in every specific case is made individually during professional medical advice.

However, if patient has no hope yet, reflexotherapy method can help even where solution seems to be not available. It is possible not always, but in the
specific case. “Substantive examination of other meridians allows us to find out how effective reliable use of acupuncture can be”. (Nguyen Van Ngi).