About the doctor

Rakhova Rada KonstantinovnaRakhova Rada Konstantinovna was born in 1953 in the capital of Georgia, one of the most beautiful cities, Tbilisi, in the family of a native of Vladimir region Rakhov Konstantin Mikhailovich and a native of Kursk region Mariya Alexandrovna Skogoreva.

Since her childhood she was interested in science – physics, chemistry, biology. In these disciplines undeniable merits necessary to future doctor were revealed: ability to observe, analyze and systematize the data obtained from outside.

When she finished school with honors, she didn’t hesitate to choose the future area to develop in – it was medicine.

With all this she entered the North-Ossetian State Medical Institute (at present – the North-Ossetian State Medical Academy)

During the years of her study Rada Konstantinovna realized more and more she had chosen a right profession. However, for the years of her study she often thought of difficulties associated with impossibility to cure without hazard to human body. Let alone most of the diseases were still undertreated.

the North-Ossetian State Medical InstituteAfter graduation from the North-Ossetian State Medical Institute in 1977 majoring at “General Medicine” and being already a doctor, Rakhova Rada Konstantinovna, as a recent graduate, was sent to city of Bryansk for therapy internship training. In 1980 she majored in neurology on the basis of Bryansk Region hospital No.1, then she worked as a neurologist in the 2nd City Hospital of Bryansk for a long time, improving her knowledge in neurology and other medical disciplines, bearing in mind that a good physician should understand physiological processes in separate systems, as well as in the whole body.

She worked as an emergency physician, and it was an excellent experience in the area of urgent diagnostics and making the decisions, not only based on a single discipline. Nothing forces our brain to analyze and to make decisions urgently, as extreme dramatic situations do when a doctor faces them working in Emergency.

Long-term experience in conventional medicine made Rakhova R.K. think, that one should try to look at human body from another point of view. To consider it as a physical object having not only muscles, blood circulation and nerve endings, but also to study electrical impulses, flowing through nerve fibers, suggesting that in case of processes failure in such an amazing organism they can be influenced not only mechanically, but also self-regulation processes ensuring the vital activity and damaged as a result of pathologic processes can be recovered. Understanding and decision of where to move on was gained not at once.

As it happens in different interesting life stories of people, who want to change and improve the world around them, a lucky chance helped. It was not just a chance, but a meeting. It was a meeting with a doctor, who had an experience in acupuncture additionally to other disciplines – alternative medicine discipline with rapid growth in the USSR since 1940th.

This meeting was a milestone and a starting point, that changed the life of doctor-neurologist Rakhova R.K. forever. Months of studying the discipline of biologically active points on human body resulted in qualification of Rakhova R.K. as a doctor-reflexologist.

Ancient eastern sources, books of known soviet authors being doctors-reflexologists were studied.

Months turned to years. Many sources, methods, by which current eastern physicians worked in the discipline of reflexotherapy, were studied. Training was performed by the best specialists. After she received permission to practice in the area of reflexotherapy, Rakhova R.K. organized her own office of reflexotherapy in Bryansk.

After she worked in the city of Bryansk for several years the doctor was invited in the city of Tver, in health clinic, created with the purpose of reflexotherapy promotion, where she had dazzling results having treated certain diseases by that time. This way “Centre of Chinese Medicine of doctor Rakhova R.K.” was founded and is still functioning.

When working in clinic Rakhova R.K. was a practicing active officer at the department of diseases of nervous system of Tver medicine Academy, where she continued to study neurology believing that only combination of conventional medicine and knowledge of reflexotherapy basics can be a perfect solution to understand a true nature of human diseases.

By the moment Centre of Chinese Medicine of doctor Rakhova R.K. has successfully existed more than 18 years. Since last year Rakhova R.K. has also worked in city of Moscow.

Rakhova R.K. has different diploma, certificates and her own techniques in the discipline of reflexotherapy, approved by Medical Academy of city of Tver.