A few words from the history of method

Reflexotherapy (also known as acupuncture, stylostixis; from latin word acus – needle and latin word puncture (pungo, pungere) – needle, sting) – is an area in traditional oriental treating medicine in which human body is treated in special points on it using special needles introduced into these points and manipulated. These points are believed to be on meridians by which chi circulates ("vital power”).

VI century BC – first literature data on reflexotherapy in one of the oldest found books “Ji-zhuang”.

III century BC – writing of the ancient literature source still remaining one of the most important ones nowadays, classical canon of Chinese traditional medicine – “Huan-nei-jing”, in which there is a large section about needle therapy and thermocautery.

XI century - the first "Points atlas" is created, on the basis of which bronze pattern of a human body is molded with 600 known at that time points marked on it.

1949 – new step in reflexotherapy development, which is known for profound study of the method, its release from mystic talks, scientific explanation of its principles of action to further incorporate it in medical practice.

1951 – Experimental institute of chern-jiu-therapy is found in Pekin.

Mid-XX-century – introduction of needle therapy and thermocautery as a discipline in all higher and secondary medical institutions in China.

XIX century – first data on needle therapy in Russia – a number of works describing the method, its indications for use and therapeutic results obtained were published in domestic literature

Study and therapeutic use of the method and training doctors with needle therapy

1973 – at Leningrad state institute of doctors advanced training All-Soviet Union scientific medical centre of stylostixis was organized.
According to Decree of Ministry of Health of the USSR dated 12/04/1976 in Moscow and Kazan institute of doctors advanced training departments of reflexotherapy were organized, academic program were developed and approved. 1997 - Decree of Ministry of Health of the Russian Feteration # 364 dated 10, November, on discipline “Reflexotherapy” was introduced into the list of medical and pharmaceutical disciplines.

The idea of the method

About MethodMethod of reflexotherapy is based, as it was mentioned before, treatment of biologically active points (BAP), located on the so called “meridians” – active sites of human body, nature of which is not completely established yet.

However, security of the therapy and surprising results allows us to believe that this ancient method cannot and shouldn’t be forgotten and be referred to as a “pseudoscientific” methods in medicine. The potential of the method is not fully realized yet, and historical facts on the method efficiency and undying interest to the method cannot and shouldn’t be forgotten.

Doctors with a huge experience in the area of conventional methods realize that all the processes in our body are regular and obey certain rules (either to the rules of blood circulation or other parts of our body), described in handbooks for doctors and physicians.

Doesn’t reflexotherapy possess the same regular rules?

Reflexotherapy method is indeed suprising. If to study it deeply and profoundly, to watch carefully the changes when treating the patients, their state, one can suggest, that regardless of exact scientific data on mechanism of action on BAP, a “smart” mechanism lies in the basis of what happens, much more intelligent than we have ever thought. It fulfills strictly the laws and rules, as everything in the nature, that’s why chaotic application of points according to indications does not result in proper results.

Analysis of the facts observed when treating patients, a huge experience allows us to assume that biologically active points like letters become words, words become a sentence and exposing them to text composed of these sentences by a doctor-reflexologist can transfer coded information to brain, telling in this way what we want from it, what he ceased to control in the body, which problem he doesn’t "see” now. If the text is composed correctly, brain can see it and gives a response as erasing the disease according to the request. It can be compared with the Morse code, creation of a program by software developer and what is remarkable, wrong program is not understood by brain and not accepted, and this is demonstrated by no result at all. Program remains without response, and this explains absence of side effects as a result of reflexotherapy.

About MethodSkills to create effective programs in our Centre appeared as a result of almost twenty years of experience. This is a huge experience. It was accumulated in a very complicated way, as only reflexotherapy method was applied. At patient admission for treatment the history of disease appearance and development, patient’s pattern of life, examination data, all the doctor’s conclusions are thoroughly studied. Basing on this individual treatment program fulfilled during the cycle of treatment with regular corrections was created. During the treatment recovery process was thoroughly supervised and deeply analysed. After the treatment the patient was supervised for a long time, recovery stage was determined in different seasons, in stress situations, at physical stresses. After the recovery patient was again examined and explored by medical specialist to confirm the recovery.

With time more and more patients with the same disease recovered. A set of diseases to which reflexotherapy was applied, has increased, therefore statistical efficiency of the method was confirmed. In overwhelming majority of cases relapses of diseases were sparse or unlikely to occur at all. Hence, the huge experience in our Centre showed that the efficiency of reflexotherapy method is undeniable and that the further study of this method pointed to treat persistent or not responding diseases is only about timing.

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