Shipin Igor Valentinovich
Bubnova Elena Jurevna
Ekaterina Balashova
I came to Medical Clinic of Dr. Rakhova with such problem as “chronic fatigue syndrome”. State of health was very heavy. I could hardly get up to the 4-th floor. Also, I suffered from frequent colds, flu. Addressed to various specialists, but no one could help me.
Tatiana Andreeva
About 8 years ago I treated from disease “Pityriasis versicolor”. My son, Victor Andreev, treated in Clinic of Dr. Rakhova too. The treatment was in the form of acupuncture. Gradually, the disease went away.
Karpuhins Family
In the Center of Chinese Medicine of Dr. Rakhova our family will remember all life. Dr. Rakhova was the first doctor, who gave us a hope to healing. My daughter suffered from neurodermatitis, my husband and son with eczema, and me, which suffered from aching.
Panteleeva Nina
My name is Panteleeva Nina. I came too the doctor Rakhova R.K. for treatment in 2013. Since 2008, I suffered from allergies and field grasses (hay fever). Allergy symptoms have began in May and ended in late September. During this period, eyes were always red and swollen.
Denisova Svetlana
I, Denisova Svetlana, went to Dr. Rakhova on the advice of a osteopath Doctor in March 2013. My son Daniel (at the time he was 2 years old) had atopic dermatitis, the skin on the legs to the groin area and hands were severely inflamed, the skin was peeling.
Tatyiana Lebedeva
In February 2014, I turned to Rakhova R.K. diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. The right hand does not rise. Traditional treatments for four years did not help me cope with the disease getting worse.
Pavlova Violetta
First I heard about Dr. Rada Konstantinovna through advertising in 2000. For 50 years my health has appeared in critical condition: organic diseases exacerbated by difficult period for every woman - climacteric (jumps a / d, insomnia, headaches, hot flashes, etc.). Medication causes side effects.