Ekaterina Balashova

Hello! My name is Ekaterina Balashova.
I came to Medical Clinic of Dr. Rakhova with such problem as “chronic fatigue syndrome”. State of health was very heavy. I could hardly get up to the 4-th floor. Also, I suffered from frequent colds, flu. Addressed to various specialists, but no one could help me. I took several courses of immune stimulatory drugs and various other medications, but there were no any result, sometimes it got worse.
Then I heard about Clinic of Chinese Medicine of Dr. Rakhova. I passed several courses of acupuncture and acupressure, and after the first course felt much better. Initially Dr. Rakhova used acupuncture and acupressure methods, but later shifted completely to acupressure.
At the moment, my health has completely changed, I feel myself much better. I also want to emphasize that during the sessions and after I recovered many of the functions and systems of the body, such as - hormonal, improved liver, kidney and heart. We welcome to Dr. Rakhova individual approach to each person, it is a customized program that is only suitable patient. This unique method of unique science at very affordable prices. Thanks Rada Konstantinovna, I improved health status, and establish personal life. I express my gratitude to this holy woman! Thanks a lot, Doctor! Ekaterina Balashova