Karpuhins Family

In the Center of Chinese Medicine of Dr. Rakhova our family will remember all life. Dr. Rakhova was the first doctor, who gave us a hope to healing. My daughter suffered from neurodermatitis, my husband and son with eczema, and me, which suffered from aching. All this were passed and healing in Center of Chinese Medicine of Dr. Rakhova.
We are grateful to Dr. Rakhova and here gold hands fro healing all our family. Skepticism with which people reacted to the first method of treatment will evaporate as soon as the first positive results. Very nice man and a very good doctor gave our family healing and peace of mind. With thanks and all the best wishes to Rada Konstantinovna! Karpuhin E.S. Karpukhina N.A. Karpukhina O.E. Karpuhin L.E.