Panteleeva Nina

My name is Panteleeva Nina. I came too the doctor Rakhova R.K. for treatment in 2013. Since 2008, I suffered from allergies and field grasses (hay fever). Allergy symptoms have began in May and ended in late September. During this period, eyes were always red and swollen. After sleeping in the eyes flocked pus. Itchy throat, eyes, a bad cold - does not stop even in the room. With horror I waited summer, not knowing how to alleviate their condition. Check out the cottage accompanied by a sharp deterioration, I was afraid to go out.
Different doctors advised to leave (the period of flowering) of the city in that area where bloom has passed. I tried different ways of treatment. Taking antihistamines, which were accompanied by side effects such as drowsiness, lethargy. I have tried even homeopathy. Two years (from October till March) I passed a course of ASIT (subcutaneous administration of low doses of pollen allergens), another course ASIT held stationary. Improvement occurred, but only slightly. Without sprays and eye drops with anti allergic action, I could do nothing. Favorite time of the year turned into a struggle with allergies! I’ve known about Center of Chinese Medicine Dr. Rakhova from my sister.
Method of reflexology - effects on biologically active points of the body. This method provides for eliminating the causes of the disease rather than its symptoms temporal smoothing. Earlier I did not know about this method of treatment and asked only because my nephew, who was pronounced allergic dermatitis, got rid of this disease. Dr. Rakhova has an individual program of reflexology of treating for each patient. In addition Doctor acts on acupuncture points of the body by method acupressure (systematic pressure on the point) which really. With attention, warmth, caring attitude doctors met me at the Clinic Dr. Rakhova, studied my medical history of hay fever. Recommended that, if possible, do not use sprays, drops, do not take drugs. Treatment lasted for two months. Rada Konstantinovna always kept in touch with me on the phone, was interested in my condition. Four weeks later I went twice a week, then once a week for a correction.
I could not believe when after the first session was able to get to work without spray and drops! With each subsequent session brings relief - the symptoms of hay fever retreating! A small needle in the hands of Dr. Rakhova works wonders! I can drive to the cottage, walk where flowers grow, to live in the summer - not just live and enjoy life! Over the summer I did not remember about medicines and sprays! For me it was a miracle! I forgot that it happens! Rada Konstantinovna. rejoiced with me victory over my allergies! My daughter is 15 years old. For two years she suffered from headaches. I cheated on this transitional age. Headache she took off drugs. Led her to treatment, coming one course of treatment,
my daughter forgot about the headaches! I want to worship the smartest woman Rahove Rada Konstantinovna, because it helps people when there is no hope! How many people she saved from a variety of diseases and how much more will save! For her kind attitude to people, understanding, for its golden hands! This man «with all my heart sick» for each patient! God forbid you are, Dr. Rakhova, health and happiness for years to come! I thank you for everything you have done for me and my family! Panteleeva N.Y. 06.04.2014 .