Denisova Svetlana

I, Denisova Svetlana, went to Dr. Rakhova on the advice of a osteopath Doctor in March 2013. My son Daniel (at the time he was 2 years old) had atopic dermatitis, the skin on the legs to the groin area and hands were severely inflamed, the skin was peeling. Despite the fact that the child was on a strict diet and taking antihistamines, improving its condition occurred for some time, and after reducing the dose of medication inflammation increased. On the first admission Rada Konstantinovna asked me do not give Daniel any drugs during treatment and do not use ointments. She explained that she needs to see how the body responds to her treatment, and call her in any Emergency case anytime. Doctor warned me that the treatment of children of this age it does not use acupuncture and acupressure method works. I confess that at first I was skeptical, but when my eyes only on the impact of hands on points on the feet of the child became pale red right during the session, I was shocked. After the fifth or sixth session Rada Konstantinovna asked to eat Daniel one of products, which used to cause allergies. Allergic reaction, to my surprise, has not arisen. So after each of the next session we are gradually introduced into the diet of Daniel products that pre-treatment caused a strong exacerbation of dermatitis. Following the ten sessions of treatment Daniel state became much better. As a result, the treatment of dermatitis in the child was completely, he became calmer, began to fall asleep faster, dietary restrictions. This is an amazing treatment! Child during a session does not feel any discomfort and painful sensations not accept chemicals, and the result is stunning! After this result, I decided to tell to Dr. Rakhova about problems of my 13n year’s daughter, who suffered from birth with allergies and frequent ear infections. At the time of treatment daughter had strong otitis. After the first session, the pain became much easier, and the recovery was much faster. It noted physician and otolaryngologist, which we observed at the time. And after the treatment have been signs of atopic dermatitis, and normalized weight. I can not express in words my gratitude to the wonderful doctor and unusual person of Rakhova Rada Konstantinovna, for all that she has done for my family! After all, it helped to get rid of many health problems not only my children, but to me, my sister -in-law and niece. Denisova S.Y.