Pavlova Violetta

My name is Pavlova Violetta. I am 64 year old. First I heard about Dr. Rada Konstantinovna through advertising in 2000. For 50 years my health has appeared in critical condition: organic diseases exacerbated by difficult period for every woman - climacteric (jumps a / d, insomnia, headaches, hot flashes, etc.). Medication causes side effects. To be honest, my knowledge of reflexology were zero at the time , but I 'm not the type of person who , not knowing the subject matter , saying: " I do not believe " . On the first thorough consultation Rada Konstantinovna explained to me that Chinese medicine is based on the principles fundamentally different from traditional medicine: painless, without side effects treatment pretty quickly (after 3 - 4 sessions) began to show positive results . I felt no symptoms of diseases are treated , and eliminated the cause that is later confirmed not only my personal feelings , but also the results of functional diagnostics: normalized a / d, left flashes, headaches, paroxysmal tachycardia , and most importantly , I have several years did not appeal to the cardiologist about episodes of atrial fibrillation (suggested surgery!) . With confidence I can say that I, like many other patients who have been treated by Dr. Rada Konstantinovny, very lucky. We met a talented professional and personal pinnacle of professionalism - this is when a person becomes a unique expert in his profession. "Hundreds of warriors stands one skilled physician "(Homer). Pavlova V.A.