Mikhail Tsvirov, 29 years old.

My name is Tsvirov Michael, I'm 29 years old. My story began with the fact that many years ago (more than five) sometimes began to feel low back pain, mainly after physical exertion, did MRI, he showed protrusions in the cross-lumbar department, the pains were very rare and quickly passed in this way I have not taken any measures at once.
That this was a very big mistake, I realized last summer when I was playing volleyball, jerked my back, the pain was such that it was hard to take a step, this pain did not leave me anymore, sometimes it only intensified, except for the waist my buttock began to hurt, Even the slightest incline forward caused acute, shooting pains. I did a second MRI (after the first passed six years), where there was a protrusion, now there was a double hernia, one of which is 1cm!
The first thing in my head was "I will not cut myself!" I did not see a single person who would come out of the hospital healthy, unfortunately traditional medicine struggles with the consequences of the disease, and not by its causes, a stab of course will temporarily drown out your pain, and what's next?
The variant with traditional medicine was deleted immediately. It was important to understand that I did not have any injuries, that I was still very young, then something went wrong in the body, there was some kind of failure, so you need to find the key that would cause the body to fight itself.
When we get bruises, bruises and stuff, we are not surprised that after a few days they pass, it's taken for granted, although we understand that our body is "repairing" itself. It's hard for us to believe that he can solve more complex problems, and he can, you just need to get him!
In this I was helped by a doctor reflexologist Rakhova Rada Konstantinovna. At the time when I turned to her, I could not bend without pain, in order to wash myself in the morning, the pain permeated the entire back surface of the right foot, where the sciatic nerve passes.
Already by the middle of the course of treatment (he counted ten sessions), I began to feel much easier, the pain was, but it was not acute, I could rather walk and sit quite comfortably. Feeling lighter, I allowed myself to "relax", after which I fell for two weeks. I could not stand, sit, or even lie peacefully, any movement of mine caused a sharp pain in the buttock.
Treatment is also the right way of life recommended by a doctor, this is control over hypothermia, it is control of physical activity and so on. At the time of treatment and the subsequent period of rehabilitation. Because My hernia is very large, then the requirements for yourself should have been appropriate.
The peak of acute pain occurred at the end of the first course of treatment. It was clear that one course for such a serious problem is not enough.
With the help of acupuncture, Rada Konstantinovna launched the mechanism of self-healing of the body. The spine collapsed for many years, and it can not be restored in one day, it also takes a certain amount of time, patience is needed.
Two months later we started the second course. I tried to follow all the recommendations, (loads, cold, emotional state) everything went well, but I could not avoid a breakdown, just around the middle of the course.
This time the sciatic nerve has become inflamed due to a toothache that has been painful for more than three days, weakened immunity (this is a bad dream and nervousness). I spent a week and a half at home, after which the course of treatment continued.
Gradually it became easier for me, at first I could pass only two circles around the house, then I went to work for half a day, then fully joined the working rhythm.
After the second course of treatment, my wife and I flew to Europe for the new year, the flight suffered well, we walked very much, I probably did not go so much as healthy, I sometimes felt pain on the nerves, but not so much that it prevented me from living.
Now three months have passed, during this time there were no more failures. The pain sometimes appears, but quickly passes. I began to do gymnastics, other physical exercises, I can stand, without bending my knees to reach with the fingers of the floor, only the thought of this caused horror.
Our body is a very complex mechanism, if there are problems, that is, solutions to these problems, we need to look a little wider, do not bend under the established stereotypes (this is impossible, it is impossible), we need to look for these solutions, do not despair, and always believe in success.
All health!