Allergic dermatitis

Good day! Almost since birth, my youngest son has an allergic dermatitis. At first they were small reddening, but over time they became more and more. Only hormonal ointments helped. By the age of 2, his son began to show signs of bronchial asthma, he constantly coughed, the inhaler became a "best friend." Treatment at the allergist did not give any effect, allergy symptoms only increased. And the allergy doctors themselves do not deny their uselessness, saying that it is impossible to cure allergies. I began to study the causes of allergies and its treatment. Accidentally going to the site of the clinic Rahova Rada Konstantinovna, I realized that this method is necessary for my child. Having discarded unnecessary doubts and fears, we went to Moscow. Treatment involves 3 courses. After the first sessions we saw significant improvements, there was no need for pills and ointments, I did not believe my eyes. At any time of day or night Rada Konstantinovna helped and advised by phone. For complete recovery, we had two courses. After the treatment, it has already been 1.5 years and during this time we never once remembered about allergies. I am grateful to fate for meeting with Rada Konstantinovna and her unique methodology. Yours faithfully Natalia Byshova.