I was one of those women whose body hormonal changes, the getting from young to mature woman, covered like the ninth wave. I started suffering from the hot flashes, terrible sweating, stomach problems and bowel, disorders of the microflora of the pelvic organs. I have been treated all the time, visited different doctors, but the problems came back repeatedly. Moreover, I was getting skipped beats later. I took many medicaments. Nothing helped, just the opposite. I could hardly gather my thoughts, clouded consciousness, I became hard to communicate, and in short, the condition was terrible. I was looking for a doctor who could help me. Then one girl told me to go to Rada Konstantinovna Rakhova.
I called the same day. A woman with very pleasant voice responded to me. One hour after I was at a reception of Rada Konstantinovna. Kindness and compassion immediately gave me confidence. It seemed nothing happened during the session, but after it I went home as a perfectly healthy person. Treatment passed very gently, without any exacerbations and stresses for the body. I listened to myself, controlled myself and if I had any doubts, I passed medical examination immediately.
After the first session, I stopped taking the medicaments. It was so natural!!! I did not need them anymore! I began to persuade my husband to go to Rada Konstantinovna. For several years, he suffered from psoriasis, unsuccessfully treated by dermatologists. You need to know my husband, he is a big skeptic, and after unsuccessful treatment in clinics, he does not believe in anything. He went just because of me, still not believing in anything. As the result – the plaques on his body disappeared!
Rada Konstantinovna owns a stunning method. It can recover the underlying disease processes very gently and quietly (at least it happened to me). Now I feel perfectly healthy, do not take any medicaments, I stopped getting cold, my immune system got stronger. My beautician noticed the improvement to my skin. She did not even know that I completely stopped using the creams, but before I used them often.
Rada Konstantinovna, thank you very much! You have set our body to health!
There is awesome, unique method in your hands.
Let your dreams come true and hope you will have your followers! You deserve it!
Sincerely yours
Valery and Natalia Bogdanov