Lisenkova T. M., 61 years old, the patient of the Centre of Chinese Medicine of dr. Rakhova R. K. In May 2010, I underwent treatment from the spine disease complicated by intervertebral hernia. I had severe pain. The traditional medical treatment could not help. I addressed to the Medical Center to doctor Rakhova R. K. After integrated treatment, the pain was gone. It has not bothered me for four years already.
In the fall of 2014 after a long period of stresses, I began having blood pressure spikes and severe dizziness. That is why I had to remain lying down almost all the time. Therefore, I went to dr. Rakhova Rada Konstantinovna again. During the treatment, the blood pressure began to come back to normal level gradually, I felt less dizzy. Currently I am seldom bothered by those symptoms. I am under the supervision of a doctor. The work ability got back to me completely, the health anxiety disappeared. I am very thankful to Rada Konstantinovna, a great doctor and helpful woman! I wish her health and success!