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DR. RAKHOVA R.K.Check out the information which given here, that is the basis of Reflexology - the method by which we will treat you.

Do not forget to look through at the section «Testimonials ", which provides video and text materials from patients already treated in the Clinic, in which you can probably find a story similar to your medical history.

Examine the list of diseases to be treated by the method of Reflexology.

And most importantly, think about the importance and the possible existence of important new and effective approaches to the treatment of skin, allergic, metabolic and degenerative diseases of the joints and the spine, and many other diseases that can impair quality of life. Diseases to cope with them, we can help with healing it you and look forward to seeing you healthy after many years to come.

It is time for You to recover.

Dr. Rakhova R.K.